Print Management

Print Management

Maintaining corporate standards while meeting the day-to-day printing needs of a business, at a good price, takes specialist expertise. The digital assets of a company are also hard for businesses to track and manage, especially when multiple departments use overlapping resources. 

PCL Group can help

At PCL Group we understand the design process and how it ultimately impacts how your materials are printed.  We manage that process with you and we help produce, review and maintain brand standards across all of your printed materials.

We can move seamlessly from dealing with print to dealing with digital documents. We match electronic materials and use intelligent imaging and flexible pre-print. We don't produce something for one media, and then convert it to the other – what we produce is ready for all media from the start. This saves you time and money and keeps your design and brand consistent. We have invested in the ADAM system (Advanced Digital Asset Management) and it allows us to provide first-class support for all of our clients’ needs with their digital assets, saving them considerable expense.


If you are sending us final artwork, please use our preferred method of Hightail file sharing.

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